Gives and takes

In this love and lust are very much different. While love is giving of yourself, lust takes from the other. When a person has love they want to give all of themselves to the other, to enrich the other person’s life, and to help and be a part of the other’s life. However, lust tends to be more selfish and will take from the other person. Lust is all about what you want and not what the other person needs. Love is all about the other person’s needs and not only your own. This does not mean that your own needs are unmet, but that there is a shared giving between two people, that is true love. When only one person is giving or no shared benefits are in between the two people to help each other. Then it is lust. Lust is all about, one person. It is very much one-sided. Love is a shared feeling, with the shared desires to enrich each other’s lives and fulfill each other’s needs.

Something that most do not always see is that in a relationship it can be one-directional. This means that one partner does have a love for the other yet the other has only lust. This is when the concept of love means letting go comes into play. Just because you love someone, does not mean you are meant to be with that person and true love can understand this.