Builds and destroys

One of the easiest ways to define the difference between love and lust is that love will build something and lust will destroy. Although lust may not always destroy completely and love can be temporary, this is still a good way to see the difference between the two. Love always builds something between two people that never really goes away. But it does not mean it is a forever thing. Sometimes people we love will come and go in our lives, just think of any friend you had that you really loved, but moved on in life. When I say love builds, it is in a more a relationship kind of building. This means to me that love encourages two people to want to find ways to be together. Lust on the other hand destroys. It is more likely to come into a person’s life like a wrecking ball and then leave just as fast. Although sometimes people will dwell in lust for some time thinking it is love, ultimately it does fail in some way because lust is in make ways a fake love. And anything fake will crack at some point, it is just a matter of time. Love also builds in a sense of who you are as a person. When there is a love we want to do better, be better, be the best selves we can be. Love can motivate a person to want to change and be better as a person. Whereas lust does not do this. Lust is only there for physical satisfaction, which can be fun but will create unhappiness.

I say this because I feel that lust and love can be tricky. But both do have their parts in this world. Sometimes all we need is lust but sometimes what we want is love. We need to learn and understand this with ourselves. And the first step to understanding is knowledge of what lust and love are and how they are different, yet so similar. In many ways, I feel that lust has complicated life these days. Lust is what destroys relationships and people. Love is giving, love is what we need more out of life. Whether it be temporary love or permanent love, I feel love is important to everyone’s life because it allows us to become our true selves and our best selves.