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Life happens

It has been a while since I published another book. I do have one in the workings, but life sometimes just happens. I am sure everyone knows how that feels when you make plans, and they do not go as you wish. But that is when you should reevaluate your plans and make new ones. I will still publish books, for that is my life’s passion. But it may take a little longer than before. I love what I do and would never give it up. However, publishing a book every three months, as I have been for the past two years, is no longer available. But never fear. I will publish a book or two throughout the year. 

Life has a way of playing things out differently than expected. I like to see this as facing the challenge and enduring the changes. Not all changes are bad. Sometimes, change is necessary for our personal growth. And we need this growth so that when in a relationship, we are the best selves we can be. So look out for those life challenges because, at the end of the day, life will throw at you plenty of things. We need to pick ourselves up, face the challenges, and grow from what we learn. That is what makes us good people and have great relationships.