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Is There a Right Way to Love?

As a writer, I tend to do research a lot because I like to know that what I am writing is accurate in some form or fashion. I am not always accurate, but I like making things appear realistic. Yet in my research, I have found that people often want to think or believe there is a right way to love. But in all the stories I have read, there is no straight path to love. Sometimes love is messy, sometimes, it is straightforward, and sometimes love is boring. There is no way to know. However, I have realized that many people think of love as some grand gesture or that it has to be some great feeling, something different, something magical. But that is not reality. I understand why people tend to see love this way because it is portrayed this way in movies at the time. 

But love comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be something simple or become something very complicated. There is no right way or wrong way to love. In my books, I like to think the way my characters fall in love differs per book. I do this because I want to show how love comes in every form possible. I have some softer books that show that love tends to grow between two people, and then I have some that become in love fast and strongly. I want to show that there are many ways to find love and no right way of doing it. So, for anyone who believes in fantasies of some prince charming or a knight in shining armour, this is nice but not reality. Finding someone to love is more important than looking for a great love story. And I should know, I am a writer of love stories. Everyone has a love story, whether small or big, so find yours.