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What makes us human?

I often wonder what kind of humans we would be if there were no ability for love within us. It can be interesting to look at and analyze. Without love, who would we be? Would kindness not exist? How would we interact with family, friends our partners? It is an exciting concept and one that leaves many things less desirable. Without the ability for love, we would cease being human because love is the foundation of what we are. Without love, why would we be kind or care about others, family or friends? Without love, we cannot experience joy, and without joy, we cannot experience sadness or anger/ without love, we cannot experience heartbreak. Sometimes this seems like a win because who would want to experience anything bad. But without the bad, there is no good. And I do not know about you, but I would take the bad because I know the good will follow. 

So what makes us human? It is the love capacity that we have. That is what makes us be. After that, what do we have left? Instinct? Robot-like actions and lack of feeling? I would rather have the emotions and enjoy each and every day than to be missing them. I am glad we can love. 

What are your thoughts?