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Take my breath away

First, I would like to apologize for the past couple of weeks I have not posted a blog. Not because I did not want to but because I had computer issues. Because of this, I have not posted. Now I am back and will continue to post my blogs on Mondays, although it will be on Monday night instead of in the morning. So, I hope that you keep enjoying all that I write. 

Have you ever had that feeling where when you meet someone, they take your breath away? I cannot say that I have experienced that feeling but I do know that in the romance world, we use this as a way to show how much of a connection that two people can have between them. I would love to experience such a feeling would not anyone.

Sometimes I wonder if my idea of romance is far more a dream than reality. And then I see a couple or a man doing something for his partner that is above and beyond. It is not always about buying something expensive but more about thinking with the heart. And how does someone do that for their partner? Well, think about your love and what they want, need or like. Sometimes buying their favourite chocolate even if it is cheap means more than some expensive box of chocolates. Sometimes listening to what your partner says means that you know more about what they like and want and sometimes just being there, supporting them even if it is not something you normally do. Love is all about being you but the best of you for the other person and being thoughtful in everything you say and do means more than fancy tricks or false caring.