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It’s Cold Outside

This past week it has been really cold outside. So cold that I have no desire to leave the house. It is a soup kind of cold where you need it to help you warm up. Even with it being so cold, there are still some good times that you can have and one in particular. It is snuggling season. I cannot help but have a love-hate relationship with the cold. Although it becomes tough to go out and have fun, I still can stay in with something hot and watch movies, snuggling up to the person you love. There is no better moment than just being with your partner and enjoying just being together. As much as I love all the seasons, especially fall, I can see how winter and the cold can be fun to have too. And when those really cold days come, where you cannot bear to leave your house, grab a cup of something hot and snuggle up to your partner. 

As I always say, romance can be for anywhere, you just need to look. Happy snuggling!