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Relationship key?

I am all about love and relationships, and a part of this is to use my knowledge to help others find true love. And a part of love is relationships. How does one keep the love they share alive? How does it work for love and relationships? Many people have many different ideas as to what is the key factor in a relationship. Some may say communication, some may say comprehending, some say it’s caring, and I have even heard someone say it is one person being a martyr. 

As much as I say some of this is so very true that many factors are essential in having a good relationship, there is one factor that people tend to forget. This factor is love. True love is comprised of communication, listening, and hearing what the other says, acknowledging and wanting to work to be better for the other person. Love means change and means understanding. Although I can’t entirely agree with a person being a martyr, there is no martyr with love. Love is the one thing that encourages and makes two people do anything to be together. Love is the most crucial factor in a relationship.

Now someone might say, you don’t start with love when looking for a relationship. It is not everyone. Actually, it is rare that two people see each other and know that there is love. Not impossible, but rare. Love is mostly built after time. However, for a relationship to sustain, there needs to have love developed between the two people, or it will fall eventually. 

And some will say I loved, but it ended, or all good things come to an end. I do not believe this. Love does not have an end unless it isn’t genuine or one-sided. And I say this from experience. Love is never-ending, yet knows that sometimes the person we love we have to let go. And I think people forget. Love is so simple yet so complex at the same time. Yes, you need so many factors for a good relationship, but all these factors are what love is all about. Love is what we need to look for, the true kind of love that everyone deserves.