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So let’s talk about spring

In my last blog, I talked a bit about spring and how spring can be seen as the time for love, a time for restarting. I wanted to go into more detail about how the spring can affect our lives and our love lives. 

It is time for a restart. What does this mean? No, it doesn’t mean to start a new relationship each and every spring. But what this means is to renew what you have, to find the beauty of things coming back to life. If we look at the flowers blooming, some are new flowers but some are old plants that open up to the world again. That is what spring is all about. Spring is about life. 

Now how does this relate to love? Well, spring can bring in a different side of love and romance. It is where people start to go out more. Walking around, you can see the snow melting and the birds making their music again. This brings in a charm that can relate to springtime magic and romance. 

Each season can be seen as romantic we just need to see it. And I love each season, and although I have my favorites, spring is full of magic and creation. How can we not see the romance in that?