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The greatest adventure

You are my greatest adventure.”

The Incredibles

I very much love this quote. Although it is not exactly referring to love, we can see love in this manner. When two people love each other, they become each other’s adventure. The single journey of a person becomes a joint journey. 

I believe it is crucial for us to realize that when we love someone, they become a part of our story. And when two people have true love, they begin a new journey together. This makes it important that the two people have the same journey in mind. This, I think, is sometimes the problem with some. Their love for the other person is not enough to combine their journeys together, you can love a person, yet they not be the right person for you. The key is to find true love, which means finding the right person who will start the adventure with you. That the pair together becomes the journey of their lives and becomes their greatest adventure.