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Love is not about rules

We all live with rules. And in many ways, we can go into a relationship with a set of rules in our head. But love goes by no rules. Love does not say I will love you if or for this or that. Love is everlasting and about giving and not what you can get out of it. I am not saying that if you love a person and they love you back, you will never receive anything. But in true love, love is giving, and if both partners are in love, they are both giving. Rules tend to skewer the love that can be between two people. And sometimes these rules of life that everyone has may come into play in their lives and relationships/, but love is understanding and means to move past any rules. With love, a person realizes that they are wrong and grow from learning. So no, with true love, there are no rules. There is trust, understanding, and giving. That is what we all need to remember when we are in love. And when this love is truly shared, it is the most amazing thing on earth. It is the strongest, only perfect thing that life has to offer. So love has no rules, so get out of your head and think with your heart. That I think more people should be doing because if we are thinking with our heart, we are showing love to everyone around us. And that is what this world needs more of, love.