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Life is full of surprises, some good and some bad. But one thing we can expect is that life will keep surprising you as you get older. Kids grow up, and things change, yet something that never changes in life is love. People you love may come and go, but love is always around. It is the one thing that has not changed through time. Love is always present in life. 

But sometimes, we don’t see it and think we have no love in life. However, I say look at your life. At some point, love is present. Sometimes we love, and sometimes we are being loved, but it is always in our life. Love is something we need to embrace more, something to hold onto, and something we should always strive for. Life may be full of surprises,  yet love is how we get through all the surprises. 

As someone once said,

“God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes, never knowing where it’ll take us next, “

Carrie Underwood.

I like this saying because it shows how unexpected things can happen. We can never fully know what will happen around the bend, but we can just enjoy the ride as we are taken on in life. And I would add to enjoy our life with love in our hearts because that makes the ride of life so much better.