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Important Parts of Romance

When writing romance, I must think of all the parts that involve romance. From the connection to kissing to being intimate, I need to think and plan each part so it works well together and creates an exciting scene, not one that is weird or awkward. As much as I need to know my characters because each character will react differently in different situations, I also need to organize each step in writing a romance novel.

I like to think about how many steps I want and what parts I will use in each step. Such as, if I use a step of kissing, I may only use the kissing part, or I can have kissing and caressing parts, or I can have kissing and a slap part. It makes a big difference in what you are writing. 

All parts are fun to play around with and write. And I feel it is essential to understand each part and what it entails. How we move from one part to another is also something to be considered because if we write it weird, it will sound weird to the reader. We need to consider each part and what steps we can take to make the romance flow. Thoughts?

I will be moving my Wednesday blog to Thursday next week. Thanks for understanding.