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See the Romance

Not everyone is romantic, so they say, but I say people are romantic in different ways. Not everyone is romantic in a way that is like in movies. And yes, some people like that kind of romance that does something special, buy romantic presents or creates a certain mood. I cannot say that anyone has ever done such things to me, but I have seen others receive this romantic gesture. As much as this can be thrilling and fun to receive, I feel that not everyone has that kind of ability to create romantic gestures. We all are different, and how we see and act romantically is different. To one person, having a picnic is romantic. To another, it is taking out the trash. We all have our own definitions of what is romantic to us. Can I say a woman would not appreciate having some man go above and beyond in the romantic area? No.

Because I think every woman would appreciate it. But to those who only see these big gestures as romantic, not all men can think that way. And that is where we need to see the little things they do for us, like helping us cook dinner or doing the dishes. Small gestures can be just as romantic. It all comes down to how you see. Not all men think about buying flowers, but a man will do something for you if they genuinely care about you. We, as women, need to see what they do as part of being romantic. Because not all men will put flowers down on the bed for you, but any man who loves their woman will feel the need to do something for them to show how much they care. So let us not be angry that we do not receive the romantic gestures we wish we could have, but see what we already have.