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When it comes to writing, being organized has a specific need. I am not one to always be organized. For I am a creative being and sometimes creativity needs chaos. But when writing, yes, chaos is fun to read, but it is also dangerous. So we need some organized way of writing.

Take this as an example; if I wrote a story that jumped around and the reader could not seem to keep up with whom is where and doing what, this is disorganized writing. Even in the most chaotic books, there is still some organization to the events and people. This is what keeps a reader reading. 

Keeping on track of what you want is important for your readers. Because it helps them keep on track of what is going on in the book, I think that writers must always keep this in mind. To think about each part and our characters and make everything fit in a way that makes a reader say, wow, I love this character. An outline is one way for a writer to keep an organized method for their book. Making an outline of your book can help you keep track of what you are supposed to write. To be hornets, I am not one to use outlines. But I do see their use for those who need to keep on track of what they are writing. But I also know that there are some people out there who do not like nor need outlines. So they can keep track in their heads and stay organized. There are also people who, once done writing, will read it over and be able to fix it when their writing becomes disorganized. 

We all have our ways of staying organized in writing. We only need to find what works for us and use it so our readers can love what we write.