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A little sidetracked

Does it ever happen that you have an idea of what you are supposed to write yet end up on another completely different track? Well, that is me today. I had planned on continuing my blogging from the last one, but I feel I should write about another topic altogether.  

It is summer, and it is still a bit chilly where I live. Yet I feel like summer activities can be fun and romantic if you are with the right person. One of my favorites is hiking and walking. It is perfect for a stroll out in nature when it is not too hot or cold. Hand in hand with your loved one, what more fun could that be. 

One activity that I find can be so romantic, yet it has been like since I was young that I have not done, is roller skating.  It is fun to roller skate with someone you trust and love. And the best part is they are there to catch you when you fall. So this summer, discover activities and ones you like. And bring a partner because whatever is fun alone is much more fun with two. Have a romantic and fun summer.