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Romantic Love

Now, this is what I am all about, what I write about. Romantic love. Now I find that this comes in two ways. You have lasting romantic love and fleeing romantic love. That does not say that there is no romantic love connection, even if that connection is temporary. This is fleeing romantic love. It is where you have a romantic connection with someone for a certain amount of time. Perhaps you part ways, but the love you have for that person stays with you. And lasting romantic love, well, is the kind of romance that lasts a lifetime. That is what I like to write about. Romantic love does not mean romance. Something that can become confusing at times. Romance or being a romantic person is much different from actual romantic love. Because a person can be very romantic even with someone they do not love all because of lust. Yes, lust can play a role in romantic love, but lust is not sustainable. Unlike love is. Love is forever, even if the two people break apart. If you have truly loved someone, that love stays with you no matter what happens. But sometimes, the connection between the two people is broken for whatever reason. Once you love someone, you always love them, and just it slowly fades into the background allowing you to find another love. That is what fleeing romantic love is all about, and sometimes good to realize that it is okay. But once you find that lasting love, I say do your best to keep it. Because love is precious and something we should strive for. Love allows us to be better people, making a better world.