Love or lust?

How can a person know if it is love or lust? Well, there are many different ways to know. But one thing that is important to do is to be able to take yourself away from the relationship and see it from a different perspective because often people will see things that are not there or not see what is there and I am just as much a culprit as every other person in this world of this. But if we take ourselves outside to a different stance and look at the relationship with an open heart and eye, we can see the truth of what is and what is not.

Now, what do we see when we look at our relationship?

We need to dissect each aspect of what love and lust are and what it is not. We need to look at the tools we have and at our understanding of what love and lust are. According to the dictionary, love is a deep profound affection for another person. And lust is an uncontrolled intense sexual desire for another person. I find these two definitions kind of misleading just a bit because both can feel the same yet both are very different. I wish to go through in my next few blogs the true differences in love and lust so that people know what to look at so that they know if they have love or lust in their lives. Because everyone deserves true love in their life and not to be fooled by lust.