I am not a quitter

Something that many people do is quit on the idea of love. Well, I am not that way. I do believe that everyone deserves and can have true love in their life. However, sometimes a person needs to see it for what it is. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in lust that we forget what love actually is. Lust can play a huge role in deceiving us of our feelings. So the first thing we need to see and remember is lust. We need to recognize lust and how it can play a huge role in how we approach a person. Lust can be so convincing to being the love that we get all wrapped up into it and we lost sight of the true love that awaits us.

I do believe that we all deserve and can find true love, we just need to open ourselves to the idea and recognize what true love is not and love will find us. In my next few blogs, I will go through the difference between what lust and love are and how I can use this in my writing.

Let me know your thoughts.