Second key ingredient

The second ingredient for true romance is importance. Now, what does that mean? Well for me it means the level of importance that one person has in their partner’s mind. this level of importance encourages certain kinds of behaviors which in turn can relate to romance. How much your partner sees value with you in their lives, the more the value the more they will do things without thinking about them. Because true romance is not in the planned events, it is in the small natural behaviors that we do for each other. That is true love and romance. Yes, planned events can be fun, but that can be done for lust. A partner can create an entire day, planned in detail just for wooing. But true romance is in the little things that come out naturally because we love that person.

This makes me think of a movie. Hitch, this movie shows exactly how romance comes from within a person and not in what plans or things we can come up with to woo another person. In this movie, the main guy likes a girl, and each time he plans and tries to woo her in by being organized and coming up with romantic things to do, each time these plans go array and the unplanned, natural self of his comes through which in turns creates a true bond between the two people.

So it is not in what you can buy or do that you believe is romantic. It is not the flowers, chocolates, or diamond ring that creates romance. It is not the planning of a candlelight dinner or a romantic trek and picnic that creates romance. It is the importance that you put behind the person that encourages you to do things for them that creates the romance. Anyone can do something considered romantic with ill intentions, but when there is a true connection between two people, even if plans go array, they connect and that is true romance. It is in the little things that we do because we see importance within our partner. That is romance and true love. And that is what I am all about.