First Key ingredient for romance

I find there are two main ingredients that a person wants to invoke romance. Yes, many people will disagree with me here and say passion is the only ingredient, but I see romance as more than just a passion that can be brought out by lust. Some things are only brought out by loving another, which brings out the romance within a person. Buying chocolates and flowers is nice and romantic, but true romance is much more than how much you spend or how much planning is involved in it. It is all about a feeling that you convey to your partner and that feeling can be brought out by two key ingredients. The first one is comfort.

Comfort means more than just laying around and being comfortable. It means being comfortable in your own skin. It means being comfortable with your partner. This kind of comfort invokes trust and with trust, romance can blossom. Let me break this down a bit further.

Comfortable with your partner means trusting your partner enough that you can share all your hopes and dreams as well as troubles without the feeling of judgment from your partner. This can encourage trust and make a person feel safe with their partner to anything that happens that is good between them to become romance between them. Comfortable with your own skin means to be confident with who you are and that you can be yourself with your partner. When a person can be comfortable with their own skin, they can be themselves and this helps promote romance within the couple. Because no one can truly understand romance or have romance if they are not true with themselves.