Most romantic things

What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you? I can come up with many ideas of what would be romantic, but everyone has their own ideas as to what they see as romantic. Some it is in thoughtful gifts, others in what their partner does for them. However, we all have our definition of what is romantic. But sometimes we see things and one can only say it is romantic. Such as when a guy goes out of his way to do something incredible for his girl or when he treats her like a princess, this cannot be seen as anything other than romantic. Yes sometimes we can see some little things done to us as romantic but some of the bigger things we can all acknowledge as romantic.

Me personally, I have had a few romantic things happen to me. I cannot say that there has been a lot, but there have been a few. But I can say that I have written and imagined plenty of romantic scenarios and one that I find is one of the most romantic things I have heard of that a person does for another and that is when they take care of the other person in a time of need.

Take this scenario: a girl has a cold, it is not deadly, but she does not feel well and cancels her date with her boyfriend. Of course, the guy would be understanding of this and that could end there. But a truly romantic guy who thinks of more than himself may send some comforting soup to her house, or bring it to her personally. Or maybe the guy just takes the day off work and takes care of her or just comes over with dinner and watches a movie with her. So many possibilities and all are good. To me, I find when a guy wants to take care of his girl or when one person wishes to take care of their partner when in a time of need it shows how much they care and where the person stands in their life. And what is more romantic than that? This I find is romantic. It allows the person to have a feeling of comfort and importance from her partner. Two things are key ingredients for romance.

What are your thoughts?