Blog,  Christmas 2022

Going the Distance

Relationships come in many different shapes and sizes, as some would say. I think there are key things that keep a relationship and things that can destroy a relationship, which I have blogged about throughout the years I have been blogging. And I will continue to say how I feel and what I deem necessary when it comes to relationships and love. I think everyone deserves love and can have love in their life. It is all about perspective. Yet one thing I feel strongly about and feel is lacking a lot in today’s world is going the distance in a relationship. Now what does that mean? Going the distance means sticking it out. It means you love each other enough to do whatever it takes to make things work. Not all days in a relationship will be happy, but going through it together and finding ways to work through things, change and grow as a couple is a valuable and essential aspect of any relationship. But people do not seem to want to go the distance anymore. I see how this young generation and my generation tend to think that everything is replaceable and throwable. We live in a time when we can replace and throw anything away, which now affects relationships. With so many people available to meet now, moving from one relationship to another has become more a thing than working through hardship. This is not the way to have a good relationship. All this teaches the next generation that true love and good relationships are not a thing. What happened to work on something first before bailing out. It is as if all we have are quitters, and no one wants to go the distance. 

Now I am not saying that this is everyone, but from my perspective on what I have seen around me, I find that many people are just giving up on a relationship as soon as it is slightly complicated. And I pity those who learn that they do not need to deal with issues they can just run away from. Maybe our ancestors did not have everything right, but one thing they did right was once in a relationship. They knew there was no getting out of it, so they had to work and grow. I am not saying to stay in a toxic or harmful relationship, but we need to not pick on the small things and think every relationship is bad. Sometimes we need to address wrongs and change. Sometimes we should go the distance.