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What is love?

I have been asked that question, and every time, even though I know what love is, it makes me pause to think how hard it can sometimes be to define something that is felt with the heart. Depending where you look for a definition will depend on how you see love, but all these definitions do not really explain the fundamental of what love is. It explains what is attached to love like love means being patient. And as much as I do agree with some explanations of what love causes in people and how people can react because of love, it does not fully tell you what love the feeling is. 

According to the dictionary, love is a profound tenderness or passion for another. I have problems with this definition because that can also relate to lust. Although lust can have more passion, it can also relate to having a profound tenderness or passion for another. 

Another definition is that love is a set of emotions and behaviors. These emotions and behaviors are characterized as commitment, passion, and intimacy.  Again, I have issues with this definition because this is accurate to a certain point. Because lust can also cause these same emotions and behaviors, as well as, a person’s morals can create them to behave as such. An example is a person who believes marriage is forever may stay in a loveless marriage and therefore will have commitment and intimacy with a person. So this definition is also dependent on circumstances.

So what is love? That is a question that I believe is a personal one. Why? Because we all have our perceptions in life and see things differently, we will see love differently.  But what do you say to someone who does not understand? My definition of what is love is unique as I am. And if you are interested in knowing, I will talk about it in my next blog. But do let me know what your definition of love is.