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I am often finding that now people think things are always easy. This is false. Like in everything in life, anything worth having and keeping takes work. Nothing comes easy, and that also comes down to love. Love is not always easy. It can be messy and painful sometimes. Thinking that it should be easy is why I feel most stop working on a relationship and just give up because that is easier. But love is not easy. Love takes work. Even though there is true love, which means both partners love each other, the work that happens in the relationship is wanted. Love allows a person to care to want to work and build something with something else. 

Anyone who thinks love is easy is a fool. That is what I say because, in a relationship, there will always be upset and downs. Life plays a role in making relationships hard at times. But when you have love, you are willing to work and keep going and keep the relationship strong. That is what love does. So if you believe you love yet are willing to give up, you should ask yourself why. Because love means not giving up. 

I know in our lives right now everything comes easy. We can order anything to our door. We can find information at our fingertips. We can talk to anyone and see anyone at any time, thanks to technology.  But love does not change with the times. It is the same as it was before all this technology.  So I do not wish to burst your bubble, but to think that we can have love just as easily as all the rest is a foolish belief.