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My new book is coming

I am working really hard to get out a new book in April. I think it is an excellent month for a love story release. I love April because not only is it spring time but the weather changes and the birds come out, things start to grow. It is the most beautiful thing to see when we take a pause and watch the seasons change. And of course, love is in the air. What do you think? 

So I hope to have my new book out this month, and it is a beautiful contemporary love story. I know that most of my novels so far are historical love stories, but I figured why not mix it up a little. I believe that I can write wonderful love stories no matter the story’s time frame. But I will let my readers decide what they think about the novel.

This story has to do with a girl turned woman who left her family behind because of hatred for them. Years later, she has to return home and face them again. Secrets get revealed, and she finds herself at many crossroads. Will love sweep her away, or will she run again? Only reading the book will allow you to know the answer. So please take a peek at my new book when it comes out.