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Love can be hard sometimes. I will say that it isn’t always easy because sometimes those you love do things that you disagree with or that are not nice. This can create a problematic aspect of love because love means being patient and being there for a person no matter their faults. But sometimes, the faults can be unnerving. Take a parent who loves their child, yet the child may do something that frustrates the parent. The parent still loves the child no matter what. But that is where love can become hard. 

Love can come easily to some, but sometimes keeping that love alive can be complicated and complex. But that is what love is all about. Love allows a person to keep trying, learning, and growing for the other person. Love can be shared and allow people who would not necessarily get alone to manage to get along. This is what makes love so great. 

And I have a great job because I get to write about love, something that I find is the best thing we humans offer to each other and ourselves.