Blog,  Christmas 2022

My Newest Book

My Noelle, my newest book, has come out for Christmas. It is a beautiful Christmas story. I will post a fireplace video each day on YouTube, each with the reading of part of my book. It is to give a little taste of my book during this Christmas season. You can buy my book on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it.


With her brother becoming sick, Noelle is forced to break into a lord’s home just to escape the cold. Unknowing that the lord would return to his home. Noelle is confronted by this man who rubbed her the wrong way every time. How could a man be so cruel this close to Christmas?

Alistair did not have any desire to return to his London home, especially at this time of year, Christmas time. He had no choice in the matter, but it did not encourage his state when once he arrived, he was confronted by urchins in his home, ones he would rather get rid of and fast. Suddenly this boy ends up being a girl, a beautiful girl, one he desires. However, she is much younger than him, and he does not see how a girl like her would want such a man as him. And he hates the idea of Christmas, something she is all about.

Noelle feels things she does not comprehend, yet she goes with her heart at every turn. Can she get Alistair to realize that Christmas can be a season of fun and happiness, or will he remain this grumpy cruel old man who cannot see a good thing when he has it?