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One of the most romantic things that can happen is a great proposal. Tv and books can make proposals so much fun to read. They are heartwarming and an incredible moment in any person’s and character’s life. I like the ones I read that do not always go as planned. Sometimes the mistake or that unplanned moment marks the person and makes us love to read the story. It is at these moments that stories come alive. I love a good proposal story, whether perfectly planned or a last-minute thing. I just think it is one of the most romantic moments in a person’s life. And for my characters, I love to make it fun to read. Making a moment between two characters that not just say romance but a moment in time changes their worlds. It’s a moment in time that marks any person. 

I have seen and read and heard so many different ways that proposals are made and even in the small proposal out of the blue, when one person says, hey, let’s get married, is a moment to make in a person’s life. 

Although not all people get a proposal, and that is cool too. A proposal is not needed for some, like for me. But that one moment in time, to a romance writer like me, means romance is present. And it is something to write about. 

Tell me all about your proposal stories I would love to hear them.