Temporary or forever

True love never really dies. It can be put aside, it can be let go of, and it can be one-directional. But it doesn’t fully ever die, and love is forever. As lust is temporary, lust can come and go as fast or slow as it pleasures to do. This can create difficulties in love and lust, for how do we know if it’s a long-term lust or a love that had to be let go? The difference is that love will stay within each person even if that person was not meant for us. We cannot stop caring about the person. It is not in our nature to do so. But love means even if we care, a part of this caring is wanting the best for the other person. As for lust can go as fast as it came. Lust will not care about how the other person is doing, and lust can even wish ill on the other person because when a person expects the worse when heartbroken, there was no love in the first place for the person. Love allows a person to move forward and care even if the other person does not care back. This is what love is all about. True love lasts forever but not in the sense that people understand. It means that when you love someone, even if they never love you, you care enough to want the best for them. But when true love is in two directions, that is what is so beautiful about love. When two people find true love with each other, it’s the best thing in the world. And something that everyone deserves, something I will always search for, and I hope everyone does too.