Blog,  Christmas 2021

Christmas cards

What is more fun than looking at all the Christmas cards, especially the romantic ones? They vary from deep love to friendship kind of love. But they are so beautiful to read. One of my simple pleasures I take out of life is going to the holiday card section and reading the love Christmas cards. I love reading them because they make me feel so hopeful and joyous. And then I get thinking about how someone out there may buy this card and give them to a loved one. I love trying to play a scenario on how the person will receive the card in my head. 

Christmas cards can be a very beautiful way to show how much you love someone, especially for someone who isn’t good with words. I rarely buy cards because, well, I’m a writer, a romance writer, and can write beautiful words for another quite easier. It is what I do, but I love reading such wonderful Christmas cards and would always recommend any person who is not a person of words, read many cards carefully and pick the one that touches you the most because that is how we pick out the perfect card. Don’t just grab one. Please read it first. Because I find when we read the cards and pick one we like, it reflects our personality, which will allow the person who receives the card to know you took the time.