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Love from the heart

I want to start by apologizing for missing the blog on Monday. It was not that I did not wish to post, but some family stuff came up that needed my attention.

So in my blogs, I talk a lot about love. And one part of love is not just the romantic way, but the love shared between family. There is nothing better than the love that comes from a family. Now I know that not everyone has a family or a loving family, but it is truly something that people tend not to realize how strong the love between a family can be. Family puts up with more. That is because they love each other. Sometimes people tend to overlook the love that their family has for them, and those who do not have a loving family will understand this loss more than those who have it. 

But what is a loving family? People tend to forget that a family may not be exactly what they think. Families are not perfectly made up of a mother, father, and two-point-five kids, as our culture tends to see it. Families are all different and are combined with so many more pieces these days. Families can include aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Sometimes it can even include outside people, like an excellent friend. Some families are made up in parts, as we call a blended family. And then there are adoption and foster homes. A family can be made up in any form or fashion. What makes a family is a love they have for each other. That is what is at a core of a family. 

I love my family, and we also are not perfect. We are made in parts like many families out there. But the love shared within my family can surpass the problems or troubles that come our way. This is what love does. Whether it is a love of a family or romantic love, or any other kind of love, love encourages and can overcome anything. And in these times of problems and war, it is good that we have hope that love will shine a light through the world, bringing us to our best instead of our worst.