Blog,  Blogs 2023

How do I know?

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. It is why I love to write about two people falling for each other. I love to bring my characters into this world, feeling like they could be real people. Yet sometimes, it can be hard to know if the other person feels the same way. Words can be said, actions can be made, but we can never honestly know what is in our partner’s mind and how he or she feels. We hope that what they are showing and saying is the truth, but sometimes it can get hard to see what is actually love to what is lust. And we could become confused. 

However, with all my research and writing, I have found that certain fundamental aspects allow us to see when a person does care about us. It is more than giving some flowers or opening the door for us. Genuine caring comes from the heart and reflects in certain things we do and say. Men and women are different. They respond differently when in love, which can also get us wondering about what that person feels for us. 

I like to help clear it all up by writing a few blogs about what women and men do when they genuinely care for another person and when true love comes from that person. Some aspects are the same for men and women, yet some are just for one. I find this fascinating how different we can act and be the same. Life is so fun this way.

Hope you enjoy my following few blogs.