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Just a Thought

In my blogs, I talk a lot about love, from different sides of love to romance and many more things. I have always tried to inspire and create a welcoming place for anyone to read about love, all kinds of love. I am an author who writes about love all the time, and even though these are like fairy tales, I would like to think that love, like my books or any romance author’s book, could in some form come true. Love is love. It may not always be grand, but it can get complicated and come in many different forms. But love is something we share. One thing I have learned being at the end of misfortune and misery is that what keeps a person going is hope and what funds hope is love. Love can come in many different forms, but I have found that caring about a person, any person gives us hope and hope for a brighter future. So having love in our lives is something that we should inspire, whether in a romantic form or in another form. Love is love in any form and should always be cherished. I am a lucky person, for I have many people I love and care about in my life. And I am grateful for those in my life because I know life without them would be much more challenging. Because life without love is not much of a life at all. I can handle anything and deal with everything. As long as love is on my side, I can do anything. I just felt like reminding everyone out there to see the love around you and feel lucky because having love, even if it is only a little, is the most precious thing in the world.