Blog,  Christmas 2021

And the year begins

As we have all started a new year, it seems to have a certain same feel as last year. But even if we are like going in a circle and repeating the same, we can always do things a bit differently. These days we are all trying to be careful and safe. But we must not forget that there is still plenty of life to live. I think we can live a great life and still be careful and safe. We just need to look at things differently this year. And this can translate into how we share our lives with others. Let’s start sharing the best versions of ourselves. Let’s make this year a great one. Let’s do what we are passionate about, find love, be loved, have great relationships. Let’s forget those who did us wrong and move forward. I believe that we can always push forward, but we also need to push forward in the right way. 

We need to decide to be happy. Make goals that will make us happy, and move in the direction we were meant to go. And I mean true happiness, not the one-time rush of fun that covers up our true feelings.

I believe we can make this year great, but we each need to find our true selves and be our best selves. We need to start believing in love again and believe in possibilities. This is what I am bringing with me into the new year, what I will hold onto till the end.