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Is love all we need?

We are always hearing that all we need is love or that love conquers all, but I believe that it is a bit faulty. Yes, we need love for any relationship to bloom but we need more than the fleeting love that seems to always be around us. To be fair if we have true love then love is all that we need because love doesn’t treat people the way we are treating people. But in the world of today, saying love is all we need is fruitless because people don’t understand what love is. So let’s start by understanding love, let’s start by learning what true love is. Because at the end of the day, we all deserve true love and to have someone in our lives that we can fully trust. So do not stop looking for your person as I will not stop until I find my person. But we need to understand that with love comes understanding, communication, patience, kindness and the willingness to work on ourselves. That is what love is all about.

So no we need more than love to be in a relationship and I say this because people need to understand. We need many components that are comprised of true love, which means all we need is love, however, first comes an understanding of what actual love is.