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Blind love

We all know the saying that love is blind, but what about the reverse direction. And we go into love being blind? Can two people meet and fall in love without seeing each other? Some people may say it can happen, others say it cannot, and some may say it can start as love and end up having problems and ending. So what is the reality in this? So many now are meeting online, so many do not see each other sometimes for years. And what about the old fashion way of not seeing your bride or groom until the day of marriage? Arranged marriages may be seen as old school but are still a very efficient method of life for some. Yet it does happen that people who get an arranged marriage do fall in love or fall in love with a person unseen. 

So how does this happen, blind love? Well, in many ways with the world we live in today, we often message or text and carry on in many conversations without ever seeing the person. We fall in love with the written word and our conversations with this other person. And it can happen that we fall hard in love with this person. But what happens when you finally see the person? What happens once you spend more time with the person?

I feel that (this is only my personal opinion) yes we can fall in love with a person’s insides. And maybe once we see the person, we can continue to fall in love with them. But I see true love as more than the physical and the mental. There are so many aspects to love that two people who genuinely fall in love will work together to form a united front. I do believe that love can conquer anything. But that love has to be strong enough between the two people for them to want to fight together and fight for each other. Because love is not always easy, but it can get through. 

So I do believe that love can come from any place, and it can be blind love. But I find what happens a lot with blind love is that we fall in love with a lie or with a person we believe they are, and we do not see the whole picture of who the person is. And that is when a person falls in love can slowly stray away from the person they fell in love with because, in the end, they are not the one they thought they were. 

So can we fall for a person without seeing them right away? Yes. Will we stay with that person? That depends on how honest our mental picture is of the person compared to who they truly are.