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I love Christmas lights. I have finally put my lights up outside for Christmas. I love the way the lights look at night as I stroll by. It gives such a warm feeling even when it is cold outside. Although I am still waiting on the snow to walk around looking at the lights, I still think lights are some of the best parts of Christmas. It even has a romantic side when the snow has fallen, and the lights glisten against the snow. It can be said to have a magical feel. I just love that kind of Christmas magic. I think that the mixture of lights and snow and Christmas all helps bring out a romantic mood. This is when I see more couples walking around, holding hands, just enjoying being in this magical moment. Now, the lights have just started to be put up, but soon, lots will be up, and the snow will fall. I cannot wait for all of that so that I can take my glorious walk and look at the beauty of Christmas and all the lights.