Blog,  Christmas 2021

Christmas songs

We all have our favourites. There is no comparing. I won’t write how this or that song is the best for all Christmas songs are great in their own way. Even I have my favourites, but songs reflect who we are, so there is no right or wrong in what we like or don’t when it comes to songs. Whether you are a rock and roll or a country song fan, there are Christmas songs in every genre for every person. That is why I love Christmas music. I could listen to it all year long, but once the first of December hits, it’s Christmas at my house every day all day long. And playing Christmas songs when I’m cooking is a part of my life at Christmas. I love humming the tunes and dancing as I listen to these songs, encouraging my Christmas spirit. And Christmas music can be romantic, especially when you hear that song play when you are shopping from a Christmas movie you watched. When that happens to me, all I can do is smile.

One thing I think is missing nowadays is more Christmas music. We should return to the old-fashioned ways of Christmas caroling and more Christmas songs at this time of year. I find it would make the season so much more enjoyable.