Ridiculous behavior when in love

Love is a funny thing and I have seen it make people do some of the craziest things. sometimes the behavior may look so ridiculous to us who are not in love, but when in love it is sweet and wonderful behavior. Love brings out sometimes the best that a person has and this can relate to how they behave. Such as a man in love may start doing things for his partner that others may find foolish or weird, but for the two people, it is familiar and wonderful. We should never look at it as it being strange but look at it from a perspective of how wonderful it is that two people could love each other this much. This is how I like to see it.

For my writing, I love seeing this ridiculous and strange behavior because it can be inspiring for me. It allows me to write in ways of this kind of behavior or to be creative in my love stories. Because we all have our own way of behaving when in love and this is awesome to put this specialness into my writing.

I have heard people say to write what you know, I say write what is on your heart to write because in the end, if you are a writer at heart, what is in your heart is always a winner. I love romance and love, and therefore that is what I write and even the ridiculous and strange is wonderful in my eyes.