Love’s power

Have you ever really looked at how love works and how powerful love can be? Love is the strongest unit on earth. This is how I see it anyway. Many people may think I’m wrong about it, but I do believe that love is the most powerful thing on earth. Why do I see it this way? Well, love can cause wars and love can stop wars. True love is what can motivate a person to move mountains or travel to the ends of the world. True love allows a person to see their faults and want to change to be a better person. So how can true love not be the more powerful thing?

What people forget is that true love does not mean just between two partners. True love is also between best friends, siblings, parents, and children. True love for a child is how a mother or father will find the strength to break a car to get their child out of an accident or make a parent go into a burning building for their child. This is what true love is all about and is powerful.

When it comes to my writing, yes I mostly write about two people meeting each other and finding a way, once they realize that this is their true love, to make it out together. But there is so much more to love than meeting a person. Love also means the ability to let go when you have to. Love does not hold onto someone who is not for you or hold onto a person that is not ready for you. Love is the strength to do what needs to be done. That to me is true love.

In my writing, I love writing about the strength of love. My characters will go through trials and it is because of love that they come out stronger. I think this is why romance novels are important to life because it gives us hope that there is love for each one of us, and I believe this with all my heart. Everyone can find and keep love, everyone has the potential to see true love.

And it is the journey of how two people come together and learn they love each other that makes the novel a great one.