Love can change everything

I do believe when love exists, it changes things. When you love another person sometimes something important to you may become less important and something that never was important becomes important. Such as someone who is completely against marriage can change their mind if they truly become in love with another because they may want to be with the other. Love can change many things around us and within us, can make us into better people. I do believe that love can create miracles and urge people to be better people. However, lust does the opposite, lust is what creates wars and can make people do evil things, such as a person who lusts after another may force themselves on that person or do things to get that person.

So the question here is, how do you know the difference? Well, if you have to do something morally wrong to be with another person that is not love but lust. Because true love knows to let go and understands that if the other is meant for them then it will find a way.

In my books, many times I use scenarios where one person has to change because of love. I find it fun to create these scenarios because it helps show how much love is grand and can surmount anything.

So love can change everything, from the person’s mindset to their behavior, love always shines through.