Can love die?

True love, in my opinion, cannot die. What dies is lust. People have trouble seeing the difference between the two, but I can see the difference. Lust will die, but love will not. However, you can love someone yet not be with them. This also people do not realize. Because sometimes you fall in love with a person who is not for you or is not ready for you. This does not mean you do not love them, it just means you love them enough to let them go and move on with your life. As human beings, we have the capability to love more than one person. And sometimes those we fall for are not right for us and this means we have to let go and move on. But that love does not die, it just turns into a different kind of love, a friendship, kindship, family ship, kind of love. But in the end, does a mother ever stop loving their child? Unless they did not love them in the first place, no they do not. Even a best friend that you grow apart from, you will still have some sort of caring for them. This is what true love does. And that old boyfriend that you broke up with or that husband that you grew apart from, does that love ever die? No, it does not die if it was there in the first place. You only learn how to put it aside and grow as a person. The love you had still is there, just turns into caring for the person as a friend or family, but no longer is the partner kind of love.

Think of it this way, out heart is made up in millions of pieces that we give to people that we love and care for throughout your life. These pieces are non-returnable, but we always have more room for more people. This is how I see it and why I say love never dies. What are your thoughts?