Languages in love

Many people have their own ideas of languages in love. There is even a book that explains what are and how love languages work. I like to read many different books about love because books can be useful tools for writing. One book about the love languages that I read, went and showed how love can be shown in five different ways between two people. This concept is interesting and useful in writing because when writing a story, I want to make the interactions between my characters to be realistic. So when two people in my novels come together, they show how they love each other in certain ways, such as a character may like the brush of a hand against their cheek or love the feeling when the other character tells them they are beautiful. These are actions that relate to how people feel and show love to each other and allow the novel to bring more out of the situation that is between two characters.

For me and my writing, I find it important to have characters interact according to their characteristics. In creating each character and how I want them to be, I consider how they may feel and see love. I am currently working on a book that deals with a female who does not believe in love at all, which makes her feel differently when certain things happen to her because she wishes to believe that love does not exist. Using the concept of languages in love allows me to bring out the character’s feelings and urge them into seeing a truth they did not believe in.

What are your thoughts on languages in love?