Be joyful

I know this has nothing to do with love, but I like to think that if you have love in your life you are joyful. But for those who do not see love or have that special someone in their life, I find that being joyful can shine through and bring out the best of a person, which can create a pathway to finding your love. But what is being joyful? Does everyone have their own way of seeing joyfulness? I know that I do. Joyful means to me being happy just because you can. To see the little things in life that can bring joy for you. It does not have to be a major thing, can be something small like lighting up a candle. But joy is that feeling of contentment within yourself. As much as this may have nothing to do with love, I feel it is needed to mention it. Because life will throw you up against a wall many times, but finding that little piece of joy to hold onto allows you to see the wall and climb it instead of letting it block your way. As much as love can help push a person, joy allows that person to continue in life and not just be happy but be happy in the worst situations. So I will tell everyone to be joyful. Be joyful in the little things and the big things, be joyful when you are up against walls when you see no end when there are challenges in life. Be joyful because at the end of the day joy shines through everything and allows you to see the love that is out there.

A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love.

Mother Teresa

I like this quote because for me it rings true. You cannot be anything other than joyful if you have love in your life. So let us all be joyful and have hearts that burn with love for everyone. Life on this earth would be a whole different kind of life if we did live by love and have joy.