What matters most friendship or romance?

This is for me a hard question because I like to think that both are important for love and relationships. Yes, friendship is needed because this is where two people come together to share things about themselves and their lives. This is where trust begins to build between two people. And yes friendship, real friendship is important with love and relationships. But I am a romance writer and love romance, so I see the value in having romance in life. But this concept differs for each person. Some people may think flowers and chocolates, presents and stuff are romance. Some may think romance is when the other person goes out of their way to do something for them. Some may feel romance connected to intimacy. We all see romance differently. How do I see it? Well, I see it as something special shared between two people, whether it be over the top like a candlelight dinner or something simple like a shoulder to lean on.

I do think for any love relationship to work, it needs both friendship and romance. Friendship is what bonds two people together and romance is what makes the bond special. This is how I see the question.

When I am writing, I like to look at these two aspects because many times, as a romance writer, I write with the romance part being the most important. But essentially both are important. I like writing with passion, and I am passionate about love. So I like to think about every aspect when working on a book because I am in the business of writing love.