Love is full of sacrifices

Willing to make sacrifices is a part of love. Finding compromises. Caring. It is all a part of love. I like to portray love as two people doing what they can for each other. Whether it be fighting for each other or helping them through an emotional issue or if it’s just to be there with them. I write characters who fall in love with each other in my writing, but it’s how they use this love that makes my novels interesting, making any romance novel interesting. Any two people can lust for each other, but the willingness to sacrifice a part of themselves for the other is where true love comes in. I believe in true love, always have, and always will. As time goes by, I feel that love is what holds people together. Without love, there is pain and misery and anger and greed. Without love, selfishness comes out. So bring out the love I say, bring out the shine of what truly holds everyone together. Be selfless, be caring, be kind, love everyone, find that one person to fall in love with, and hold onto them.