In the process

I am in the process of working on my third book. I am already in love with this book. My main female character is slightly different from the last two that I wrote about in my books. Samantha and Katharine characters in my two published books are more strong, willful females who fight for what they want in life. However, this new character is a bit different. She had more vulnerability and resolve. She is strong but in another way. Her strength comes from hiding away from her past and trying to see everything through a different shade of glasses. What do I mean by this? Rebecca, my new character, has been through hell in childhood, making her have flawed beliefs in herself. This makes her vulnerable a lot. Yet, she puts up a wall keeping herself calm and collected to keep herself strong or at least appear that way. But she is much more than she seems or shows to the world. Lucky for her, the right man comes into her life, proving to her that she has value and allows her to be herself for once in her life. It truly will be one of my best books, I think, but then again, I love all my books. Each has different characters that are brought to life, and I love them all.