Love is a fire

A fire can be good and not good. In some ways, a fire burns to make a rebirth of something new. Fire burns to destroy. I see love like a fire. Why? Because in many ways, love can be the beginning of something new and wonderful as much as it can leave you completely burnt. I always keep this in mind when writing my novels. Why? Because I am all about love with my books. Two people, finding the right person to fall in love and share everything with, is what I’m all about in my writing. Yet, there are many times that love comes with heartache or misery as well as choices and problems. Love does come with pleasure and fun, but you have to see both sides of love. It makes the novel feel more natural and, I think, can connect the reader to the characters by allowing the reader to see that the characters also come across problems with love. Love is not simple, it’s complex, and we need to enjoy the ride it takes us through. This is what I love to write, the incredible ride of love.