Attachment to characters

I don’t know about other writers, but I get attached to my characters. They are like a part of me in many ways. Does anyone else ever feel like this? I know that I see my characters as bits and pieces of me. I love my characters and love building them. I enjoy writing about them and their lives. I like developing their backstories. As the story is written, I love how the characters form, whether in good ways or bad. They still change and grow, and I love every minute of creating these characters. Each has its own quirks, faults, and qualities, and they are all different, but I still like them all, for they make the story in many ways. Take a character from a movie, even if the events still came to pass. What makes the story great to watch is how the character moves within the movie, how they grow or not, how they see what is going on and how they react. I am working on my third book, and this one, the characters are as memorable as my others. I cannot wait to get it out to that world.